Exterior & Interior

Resin transfer molding (RTM) and Wet Pressing

With the unique PrimeTex® reinforcements range Hexcel offers fabrics with a very smooth, closed weave, which give a uniform and highly aesthetical appearance.

In addition, Hexcel offers NCF fabrics for class-A solutions within the HiMax™ range with tailored stitching and ply layup for surface flatness. A range of stitch patterns and yarn colours allows customers to display the stitched NCF on final parts, if desired.

Cosmetic parts made from Hexcel fabric/NCF solutions are widely used by OEMs (e.g. BMW M-series roof)


HexPly® M49 prepreg offers excellent resin transparency and UV stability. It is a high tack system to allow for easy manual preforming. In case of high mechanical requirements on visual parts HexPly® M49 can be combined with high temperature-resistant HexPly® M81 prepreg as backing plies.

HexPly® XF3 prepreg has been developed for the manufacture of high-quality Class-A automotive body parts that need minimum preparation for painting. XF3 prevents print-through and provides a Class-A surface finish with excellent resistance to aging tests.