Blade Shell

The shell is the aerodynamic skin of a rotor blade, which must withstand its own load as well as the forces of wind and weather acting on it. Hexcel has an optimized range of prepregs, laminates and NCFs especially for the shell manufacture.

HexPly® XF surface technology

HexPly® XF surface technology for rotor blades eliminates the need for an in-mold gel coat while providing a ready-to-paint surface. As pinholes are significantly being reduced, the rework and finishing process is being decreased by several hours.


  • Pinhole-free surface quality that needs minimal preparation before painting
  • Faster blade shell production: quick application, shorter cycles, higher blade throughput
  • Blade surface weight savings (- 50% per m2 compared to gel coat)
  • Convenient handling due to self-adhesive material
  • Improved Health & Safety - no liquid chemical mixing and handling

Customized Fiber Combinations
Hexcel's HiMax® non-crimp fabrics provide great flexibility in meeting customer requirements. With biaxial and triaxial fabrics, standard e-glass, high-performance glass and glass/carbon hybrid formats for all types of shell construction as well as modern design concepts.