Wind Energy

Hexcel has supported wind turbine production worldwide for more than 25 years with excellent know-how in composite materials and process enhancing as well as environmentally friendly production processes.

As wind blades continue to evolve and increase in size, further developments in materials and manufacturing processes will be required. Hexcel offers product solutions for different manufacturer routes including prepreg technology, infusion and co-infusion technology.

Our extensive range for Wind Energy includes products made of glass, carbon and other fibers to achieve the most suitable solution for our customers.  We specialize in the development and manufacture of carbon fiber, non-crimp fabrics, fiber-reinforcements, prepregs, and laminates including pultruded elements and polyurethanes.

One of our strengths lies in tailor-made products (technical preforming) in order to enhance production processes. We have the capability to produce prepregs especially designed for semi-automatic processes.