Hexcel Purpose & Values

OUR PURPOSE | We propel the future of flight, energy generation, transportation and recreation through excellence in advanced material solutions...


Health and Safety Commitment

Hexcel is committed to an effective safety and health effort throughout the Corporation. While every employee shares in the responsibility for safety...

Hexcel Health and Safety

Trade Compliance

Hexcel is a global supply chain partner with our vendors, transport agents, and customers. Our International Trade Compliance program ensures that we...

Hexcel Trade Compliance

Product Safety

We are committed to providing support and customer care to help our customers safely handle and use our products and enable them to fulfill their...

Product Safety at Hexcel


At Hexcel, our suppliers and supply network play an important role in the success of our organization. We work with more than 5,000 suppliers globally to provide raw materials, goods and services.


Technology Breakthroughs

At Hexcel, a culture of innovation permeates our organization and is a strategic priority. Targeting a breakthrough, aiming for what seems an unrealistic goal, or challenging some long-held paradigm are springboards to discovery and thinking "outside the box." We embrace the curiosity to explore ideas, the passion to challenge the impossible and the conviction to succeed beyond expectations.

Technology Breakthrough

Research & Technology

The goal of Research & Technology at Hexcel is to provide products and processes that will satisfy the requirements of our customers and provide cost-effective technology advances for the benefit of all.

Research Center

History & Timeline

Hexcel has implemented a forward-thinking approach throughout its history of providing superior industrial materials. From Roger Steele’s post-war laboratory in the basement of a suburban home, to the production of the lunar struts of the Apollo 11 lunar landing module, Hexcel has been synonymous with innovation.

A History <br>of Innovation

Official Distributors

Hexcel has a global network of distributors to provide local service and service smaller accounts.

Official Distributors


Meet the teams that drive our innovation and success.

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Site Certifications

Every Hexcel manufacturing plant has achieved certification for quality management systems.