Hexcel Structures

Composite Structures

Hexcel manufactures and markets lightweight, high-strength composite structures and assemblies for commercial and military fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, business jets, UAVs, and spacecraft. We have a history of documented performance for aerospace and defense contracts, working for Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Sikorsky, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, SpaceX, Blue Origin, and Lockheed Martin.

Finished composite parts are lighter than metal, resist rust and corrosion, and are able to be made into complex shapes. They also incorporate tailored ply shapes and material types to increase toughness and strength to support a longer lifespan.

Rotorcraft Technologies
Innovative blade production concepts from Hexcel’s Engineered Products group have resulted in contract wins to produce sub-assemblies and even a complete main rotor blade for the Sikorsky S-76D™.

Hexcel’s Engineered Products for rotorcraft include:

  • Tip caps
  • Blade skins and skin-to-core assemblies
  • Main rotor blade spars
  • Tail rotor blade flexbeams
  • Flight safety critical parts: MRB spars, TRB flexbeams

With 450,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space and 50,000 sq. ft of clean rooms, Hexcel is well equipped to manage your program. We have 7 autoclaves up to 50' in Iength; a range of ovens, CNC machines, and paint spray booths. We also have a wide range of testing equipment, state of the art NDT capabilities, and extensive engineering and tooling programs.

Hexcel’s joint venture in Malaysia, Aerospace Composites Malaysia (ACM), produces low cost, high performance composite parts primarily for Boeing programs, using the latest manufacturing technologies and efficiency principles. Hexcel can also coordinate and manage your international sourcing needs through ACM .